Waterfront Station – Example

This is an example of a black and white conversion using Lab L channel. I think the L channel conversion works well for this picture since there’s lots of contrast and very little color.

Waterfront Station
Waterfront Station, Vancouver

Methods Used

  1. Lab L Channel Conversion
  2. Curves Toning (Warm Midtones)

Waterfront Station in color
Original photo, rotated, cropped and perspective correction applied.

Steps in Photoshop

  1. Select Image > Mode > Lab Color
  2. Select the Lightness Channel
  3. L channel

  4. Select Filter > Sharpen > Smart Sharpen to sharpen the photo.
  5. Sharpen

  6. Select Image > Mode > Grayscale. This will remove the A and B channels.
  7. Select Image > Mode > RGB Color to convert to RGB.
  8. After sharpening
    The image after sharpening
  9. Add a curves layer
  10. Curves

  11. Download and install curves presets. This is a curve preset I found that will remove the bluish cast from black and white images.
  12. Click Load Curves Preset. Select “warm midtones” action
  13. Curves preset
    Warm Midtones

    The image after curves toning
    The image after curves toning

  14. Adjust brightness and contrast.

Final image

Waterfront Station
Waterfront Station

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